Kneeler drop

Kneeler Drop is every Saturday from 10am-12pm in Our Lady of Corpus Christi's Cafe Veritas with the opportunity to attend daily mass at noon. Have some donuts, coffee, and fellowship before diving into Sunday's readings.


on Tap

Theology on Tap (held every 2nd Tuesday of the month) is back on the 9th with the opportunity to hear a talk by Sr. Delphine. This is a hybrid event (zoom and in person at Cafe Veritas). Join however you feel you can! Zoom link will be sent that day.


in Truth

Grounded in Truth is back again this month which will take place every third Saturday of the month at 7pm with a Holy Hour of Adoration and the opportunity for confession in the Blue Dome. This is for all ages so if you have children, bring them along! Fellowship will follow.

Theology 101

We are still so excited to continue with SOLT Sr. Solanus and the series Theology 101 held every fourth Tuesday of the month. Come hang out at OLCC's Library at 7pm where she will share a talk and answer various questions we have about the Faith!

YCA Social Night

And of course, every fourth Friday we will be having a YCA Social Night - this could be a movie night, a sports night, etc. It's a great time to just enjoy each other's company and have fellowship. This month it will be a Bonfire at the beach on March 26th!